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The Second Congressional District of Mississippi is one of the largest in the country. It is approximately 275 miles long, 180 miles wide and borders the Mississippi River. With a population of 711,164 people, the district is a unique blend of the most urban and the most rural regions of the State.

With a farm population of nearly 14,000, agriculture is the major industry in the District. From Jefferson County in the south, to Attala County in the east, Washington County in the west and Tunica in the north, more than 6,000 family farms can be found across the Second District.

Cotton, soybean, catfish and rice are the major sources of farm income. In recent years, the Second District has been a major beneficiary of the gaming industry. There are over 17 riverboat casinos located in the District. The casinos bring an attractive site to our district along with an additional boost in economic development.

The Second Congressional District of Mississippi has a rich history. The Mississippi Delta still comprises the vast majority of the District. These counties are not only some of the most agriculturally productive, but the people who live here are part of a culture unique to itself.

Whether the term is “Birthplace of the Blues”, “Catfish Country” or the “Land of Cotton”, rest assured the reference is about the Mississippi Delta.The Second District is home to four state supported universities, and five community colleges. Alcorn State, Delta State, Jackson State and Mississippi Valley State Universities help make up the eight state universities in Mississippi. Each university is unique in its own way.

A significant boost to economic development was handed to the second district when President Clinton designated a six-county area in the Mississippi Delta an Empowerment Zone. The Empowerment Zone was created to provide incentives for entrepreneurs, established firms, and employees to invest and work in areas that they otherwise would find unattractive.

In addition, two Enterprise Zones were designated in the District. This has been used as a tool to revitalize an area which has mainly been used for agricultural reasons. As a result of the Empowerment Zone, numerous jobs have been created in the district. View the advertising marketing companies in South Africa destreet notes overview.